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Here is my work. You're free to browse as much as you'd like, and enjoy the full glory of my stories. Please, enjoy yourself and relax.^^ :iconpervyromanoplz: :iconenglandgiggleplz:
My genres may differ and range a bit, so I could have a little bit of everything to please everyone. :iconenglandsparklesplz:
Though not many sad stories, as they tend to upset the reader. :iconwhymetearplz: Enjoy~ :iconsodonewithyouplz:



Hell by moppaa
by moppaa

It's simply beautiful.^^ It gives off a definite sense of balance and symmetry. The colors used can be defined in so many ways and mean...

::Prince Arthur:: by XxStrawberryQueenxX

Interesting, it's very nicely done and the colors compliment each other well. I especially love the way you drew the night sky, the moo...

::Luna:: by XxStrawberryQueenxX

It's beautiful, I especially love the eyes. Red eyes always give a huge impact for some reason. That versus pale skin, a lovely contras...

by moppaa

I love the use of colors in this picture. The plain color show a clear vision of emotional emptiness. The face being masked was very go...

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Oh, herro. Why are you here? I'm boring. Or am I? I'm pretty sure this is all a parallel dimension, and this is a world inside of a world inside of a world. I have no idea what I'm saying, I just typed this all in one go. So... Yeah, have fun. Wait. Where am I? What time is it!? WhO ArE yOu PeOpLe!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???

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Driving to school, you sighed in frustration as you thought about your upcoming math test.
'Seriously, when will I ever need to know the area of a circle!?' you thought spitefully. You hadn't felt like coming to school today anyway, and the fact that you had a stupid math test was just itching at your nerves. 6 hours of full school day torture, coming right up. Reaching your parking destination, you unbuckled your seatbelt, opened the door and got out.
'Only 6 hours,' you thought, 'then I can go home.'
You jumped and chucked as your phone rang, reaching into your pocket to answer it. You had tape recorded your boyfriend Arthur going on a rant about Twilight and Edward being a "SPARKLE FAIRY!" It was too perfect to resist setting it as a ringtone. You still hadn't told him about it yet, though. It'll be perfect blackmail one day.
"Helloooo~?" You answered the phone, holding back a snicker.
"______! I called to wish you luck on that math test. Pass or fail, I'm baking something special for when you get back. I know you'll pass though, you ARE my lady, after all." You could hear him smiling through the phone. You smiled, too.
"I can't wait, I finished writing my will last week, so I should be all set." You tried to sound as serious as possible, but you were holding back giggles. You held the phone away from your ear.
"Jeez, Artie, I was just kidding hun, I love your cooking, you know that. Otherwise, I never would've agreed to live with you." You said earnestly. He got so worked up from people criticizing his cooking, how could anyone NOT tease him? You heard some embarrassed grumbles through the phone and pictured his adorable blushing face and furrowed thick eyebrows.
"Okay, I have to get to class now, sweety. I'll see you later, 'kay?" You tried. You heard a grunt. "I'll take that as an 'I love you too, ______.'" You said. A few moments of silence passed, and you were getting ready to hang up.
"Good luck on your test, love." You heard finally. You smiled.
"Byeeee~" you replied, hanging up and looking at your phone, smiling and shaking your head. How you ever ended up with such an amazing boyfriend was beyond you. You then looked at the time and your eyes widened. Gasping, you ran in the direction of math and juuuust made it on time. Desperate for breath, you find your seat and plopped down in it, ignoring all of the rude stares. Your teacher closed the door and handed out your tests.
'Here we go.' You thought. And so the battle began.

Luckily, you made it out alive. Once you got out of the dragon's lair, you texted your boyfriend.

'Hey, I think I passed!' A few seconds passed before you heard your text tone.
'That's great, love! See, I knew you could do it!' You smiled then pouted.
'Yeah, but I still don't get to see you for several more hours! :(' a longer silence passed between replies this time.
'S-silly girl! It's a-aright, I'm not going anywhere. See you when you get home.' You laughed. He typed while he talked again. You put your phone away and headed for the next class.

The rest of the day wasn't bad, though your teachers are all eccentric in their own way. One of them made the whole class do a trust exercise where you had to walk around with your eyes closed and hands to your sides, trying not to bump into anyone. Of course, that didn't go well. The result was people bumping into walls, tripping over chairs, and running into tables. If someone had filmed it, it would've been hilarious to watch.

You were down to your final class of the day, ______. You could do this. Just sit through the final boring lecture, and       go home to your sexy English boyfriend. Not a bad trade off. You took your seat, preparing for torture. The last class is always the longest. The teacher wasted no time in drowning on and on about theories and what not, earning a yawn from you. Just as you were, about to fall asleep, you felt a strange sensation. You sat up from your comfortable leaning position, and froze.
'What was that?' You wondered. Then you felt it again. A very warm feeling, coming from below the waist. At first you gasped in horror, excusing yourself to the ladies room. You checked to see if it was your time of the month. But there was no blood.
'That's strange.' You thought, dismissing it. You went back to the classroom and sat back down. The feeling had gone seat, so you ignored what just transpired.

A little while later, you started feeling it again. Only, stronger this time. You soon realized what the feeling was, and you felt a shiver down your spine. You were visibly uncomfortable, and the teacher gave you a weird look. You pushed it off and smiled politely, trying to act normal. But the heat generating from your nethers was hard to ignore, as it slowly grew more and more unbearable.
'No, no, no! Why here, why now!?' You thought helplessly. You discreetly opened your phone to check the time, and noticed an unread message. Opening it up, you discovered it was from Arthur.
'I miss you.' It said simply, but it was enough to get you even more worked up. You squirmed a little in your seat and put your phone away, as class neared its dreadful end. The moment the teacher stopped talking, you ran for the exit and burst out of the school, fast-walking to your car. Hot and bothered or not, you didn't want to look like a psycho chick. Once you reached your car, you flung the door open and jumped in, slamming it behind you. Patience gone, you revved the engine and spun out of the parking lot as fast as legally allowed +5. Arousal clouding your judgement, you ignored some traffic laws in your rush to get home.
'I miss you', he says so innocently. He didn't even know the meaning of the phrase. The attention I'll give him will be so good, he'll be begging for more.' You thought, picturing a blushing Arthur moaning your name. You almost   ran a red light in your excitement. You made it home in five minutes. One minute more, and you would've crashed into a tree. You quickly got out of your car and ran to the shared house of your asking-for-it sexy English boyfriend, and yourself. Fishing for your keys, you jammed the correct one into the lock and nearly broke open the door. You scanned the room for blonde hair and bushy eyebrows.
'Now, where is that sneaky-'
"______! Welcome home!" You were greeted with a big hug. "Congratulations on the test!" Letting go, he led you into the kitchen. "I baked a cake for you! It's your favorite flavour, ______." He said, gesturing to the adorablely shaped cake. Any other day, you would have squealed at how utterly adorable Arthur is, but today was not the day. You looked up at him, placing your hands on his chest and backing him up against a wall, severely confusing him.
"____-_____?" He asked, concerned.
"Sorry Artie, but I'd rather have something sweeter." You said, voice filled with want. Before he could say anything else, you kissed his lips, shutting him up. He blushed brightly. It took a few seconds for his lips to move against yours. Once they did, you deepened the kiss. You could feel your womanhood flaring up, so you pressed your body against his, pushing him further into the wall. This elicited a sexy moan from him.
You detached your lips from his and moved down to his neck, kissing up and down the soft flesh slowly. Hearing  another low moan, you started nibbling until you found his soft spot, causing him to gasp. Then an idea popped into your head. You smiled, leaving the panting, blushing brit, and nearing the table holding the cake.
"Well Artie, looks like I'll be getting some of that cake after all. You dipped your fingers in and grabbed a good amount of frosting, smirking as you sauntered back over to him.
"You know," you said as you started smearing cake on his cheek. "I was having a really hard time before you texted me." You leaned in and licked the frosting off of his cheek, ever so slowly. You curled your tongue at the end. He let out a little whine. You smeared more on his neck. "You just had to go and be adorable, making it harder on me." You said, leaning in and slowly licking off the frosting on his neck, purposely leaving a trail of hot breath behind. The combination of feeling your tongue pressed so intimately against his skin, and you breathing hotly against his neck caused him to whimper pathetically, like a dog begging for more attention from its master.
"I'm s-sorry, I-UGGH!" You bit his neck harshly and he groaned loudly.
"You're going to pay for what you do to me." You said, smearing the frosting on his collarbone, and nibbling at it teasingly, sucking and licking in equal parts. He panted more and more, and you could feel a bulge against your pant leg. Your laugh was a melody, making him dizzy with ecstasy. You took his hand and led him to the bedroom, stripping off his shirt and laying him down on the bed. You smeared the rest of the frosting down his chest and stomach, over his sexy abs.
"I used to be innocent before you, you know. But you took that all away from me." You said. You straddled him and begun your work on "cleaning" him. You gave little licks and bites here and there to test his body for weaknesses. He moaned and groaned beneath you until you were done. Once you gave the final lick and readjusted yourself atop his manhood, you looked down to see a panting, blushing mess, and felt a mountain underneath you. Snickering, you have a little bounce. He moaned lowly. Wanting more of a reaction, you ground your hips into his.
"Ahhh! _____!" He growled. He grabbed your hips and pushed you onto him, reveling in the feeling. You smirked, leaning down to whisper into his ear.
"I'm going to show you every dirty thought you made me think."

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Since I wouldn't have been able to do some birthday muro drawings, I got two extra drawing copies, so...
Believe it or not, two birthday muro drawing copies I made, of chibi Haruhi Suzumiya and Mikuru Asahina wishing you one, so, wishes 'n' luck!
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